Group Blog November 2015


Flowers for Algernon is a sci fi novel from the 1960s. It’s about the devastating consequences of an experiment to increase the very limited intelligence of a young man named Charlie Gordon. And it completely hooked the group that chose it.

‘Everyone enjoyed reading this book and it generated more discussion than anything else we’ve read so far.’

‘It’s about the human condition, how people are perceived and valued. People love a fool, are afraid of intelligence.’

‘How must Charlie have felt when Algernon started to deteriorate and he realised what was coming?’

‘It’s a brave book, would have been taboo in its time.’

Do men like reading about women?


For one group Barbara Trapido’s Brother of the More Famous Jack led on to a discussion of male readers and chick lit…
‘G was very articulate indeed on how much chick lit he had read – giving lots of examples and recommendations. He explained with great thoughtfulness how it had helped him to understand a bit better female psychology and what matters to women; as well as often offering a relaxing, undemanding and comforting read.’


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