Group Blog January 2016

group blog Jan16

Wartime rescue and children’s classics

The Zookeeper’s Wife is a factual account of how a Polish couple managed to save over three hundred people from the Nazis by hiding them in the empty animal cages of their Warsaw zoo.

‘A slightly repetitive narrative and we were curiously disturbed at the intense focus on animal welfare, at times apparently at the expense of human empathy.

However, it did take us into a very interesting discussion about others who had been hidden during the war. S talked about Eva Schloss, who had come to the prison a few years ago to talk about her life during the Holocaust, and about how moved he had been by the little old woman with the tattooed identification on her arm talking about how she had finally learnt to recount her wartime experiences.

The group moved on to a longer debate about the merits of re-reading children’s classics. Surprisingly, mention of Little Women in this men’s prison triggered such warm feelings that a member who hadn’t read it went to get it off the shelves immediately to take away with him.’


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