Group Blog May 2016

Mason Cross - The Samaritan

We decided to read The Samaritan by Mason Cross as it came highly recommended by the other book group at our prison.

The story begins with the gruesome discovery of 3 bodies buried in wasteland by a killer dubbed ‘The Samaritan’, a name attributed to him by the press when it is discovered that he first helps his victims posing as a good Samaritan before abducting and killing them. Will the detectives find the killer, and how many other bodies will be discovered along the way?

The group were on the whole very impressed with this book, although one member didn’t make it to the end, due to personal preference. I believe the book was so successful within the group due to its strong storyline and clever writing style which captures your attention from the first page.

“I really enjoyed the book and its overall writing style”.


We all appreciated the small, punchy chapters which are written from different people’s perspectives, which keeps the story fresh and exciting, whilst also building up suspense.

“The fast pace and multiple twists kept me on edge and turning pages”.


We are told snippets of the killer’s story from his own perspective, but his identity is very skilfully protected until the final chapters. We are in this way able to build up our own interpretations of what has happened, and who the Samaritan is, by piecing together all the different perspectives.

“Really gripping storyline with engaging characters and good switching between perspectives”


“Having different view points meant that it felt like you were getting every and many aspects of the same story and able to piece it together yourself”.


One member who by his own admission hasn’t read many books enjoyed the book so much that by the time of the group, he had already read more from the same author.