Group Blog October 2016


Our meeting began with a lively discussion about the venue. We meet in the library which has the benefit of space and visibility and the drawback of ambient noise. It was agreed that we would continue in our present location and speak more clearly when the background noise becomes an issue “Elementary, my dear Watson!”

Moving on to Sherlock Holmes, these are the facts: some people liked him and some people didn’t. (Here is another fact: more people in the USA believe Sherlock Holmes actually existed than believe in global warming.)

For those in favour we have this evidence: “It brought me right back to my childhood. Holmes and Watson are the original Batman and Robin.”

And: “I have never read Conan Doyle before but admire his ability to create the most memorable character in 20th century fiction in just a few pages.”

For those against we have this testimony: “Because it was written 130 years ago, it was like getting into a Model T Ford.”

And: “Less Model T Ford and more of a Morris Minor! My grandma is 103 and I spoke to her on the phone about it and she decided to read it at the same time as I did. She didn’t like it either!”


Another group read Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Alborn in October:

We all felt this had been one of the more unusual books that we had chosen to read, not being in the usual form of a novel or thriller but instead a series of lessons in life. The ladies appreciated Morrie’s bravery in the way he accepted his condition. Along with Mitch, the ladies found the lessons learnt in these final weeks of Morrie’s life inspirational. The weekly meeting became a guide to how to live life and face life’s difficulties. It dealt with subjects including regrets, such as Mitch’s regret at being estranged from his brother, dependency, love and compassion.

It did make them very sad, but most of them appreciated the message behind it. They agreed that it made you appreciate the simple things in life and has made them reflect on their own lives. Several ladies agreed with the maxim that “it is never too late in life to start to do the things you want to, “with one commenting that it had “made her look at how she would like to live her life in the future.”