Group Blog August 2017

The Kite Runner

Peter – regular member of the group and great contributor to all our discussions sent us his review from the outside! He finished reading the Kite Runner in the probation waiting room. Linda read his review out which was appreciated by the group.

The following points were made in the group discussion that followed:

The Afghani language use – it is not uncommon to use native words in the middle of sentences so I found this device worked well.

This is the best book I have read in this book club and I would definitely NOT have read it otherwise – especially by just reading the blurb. It was a heart-rending and well written story

This was a very good read and I enjoyed it a lot. I wish that they had got the boy back in a different way – that bit was unbelievable. Other than that small criticism it was a fabulous read.

Is it a true story? The group decided it was based upon fact but essentially fiction.


All of us have been affected by something in this book.

LIght between

The Light Between Oceans has been pitched as a ‘romantic’ novel, which it is in places (windswept rocky outcrop, hopelessly devoted lovers…) but we all felt a strong, intense even, attachment to the tides and waves of emotions running through the ocean of this intelligent first novel.

Andy again used the group as a pick-me-up, Eddie connected strongly to the isolation of the lighthouse, while it was interesting to have the views of our female readers in terms of children and loss and raging hormones… J It was also interesting to see that Lorraine, who initially felt extreme hostility towards Isabel, relented slightly during the discussions…

We all agreed that the characters were extremely well drawn, with consistent and believable reactions and behaviour. We also discussed the sometimes overt symbolism of the book (rock and a hard place, caught between two conflicting seas of emotion, beacon of hope (and humanity) etc, etc.) as well as the period of history where the age of innocence was well and truly demolished.