Groups in action

prg1PRG groups are varied and tailored to suit the individual needs of their target members. Some are aimed at emergent readers and help build confidence and stamina. They can also encourage the move into formal education for those with negative experiences of school. Others cater for experienced readers, providing books and discussion to challenge familiar ideas and assumptions.

Meetings may take place monthly or weekly or something in between. But all our groups provide regular reports which give a vivid sense of what goes on.

Feedback from librarians and prison staff confirms the value of PRG’s work and its contribution to prisoners’ lives.

‘Now it would be a stretch to say that a reading group will reduce re-offending, but it does play an important role in getting prisoners to engage…At its simplest we can’t motivate people to change their lives if they’re stuck in a cell keeping their head down and waiting for time to pass’

(Peter Dawson, former Governor HMP High Down)

‘This is such a good initiative’

(Lord David Ramsbotham, former HM Chief Inspector of Prisons)