Volunteers play a key role with PRG groups. Prisoners value the willingness of outsiders to come in to prison and the sense of connectedness with the world that this brings. And for volunteers, working with a prison reading group can be a rewarding way to share enjoyment of books and to make a positive contribution to prisoner rehabilitation.

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‘I feel at each session I’m negotiating a busy road and need to keep alert at all times as I don’t want the men to get bored and stop coming. But I have noticed over the few months I’ve been there that they are gaining confidence and reading fluently…Above all I think we’re having fun. We’ve established a good relationship and although sometimes a few arrive with tensions and stresses from the wing, this does seem to disperse during the reading’


‘I have read books I would not otherwise have read and the groups are often very funny and interesting.’


‘It has been such a great experience for me. I love combining my love/knowledge of books with doing something that feels really worthwhile. I am so enjoying being involved. So if you are asking if volunteers get anything out of it, for me the answer is a resounding YES!’