Start a group

As librarians know well, reading groups have an important role to play in reader development. They have particular benefits for prisoners and can help strengthen their connections with both the prison library and formal education provision.

PRG works closely with our librarians to set up new groups: identifying the target membership; deciding when and how often to hold meetings; and how best to organisation book choice and discussion. We also offer funding for books, volunteer recruitment and training, and ongoing support.

Our lively e-network enables group organisers to share ideas and suggestions: for material and approaches with new readers; books that bombed or sparked great discussion; dealing with difficult or dominant members, or poems to round off a session with.

If you are a prison librarian or other member of staff interested in starting a group Contact us.

‘A great deal of our pleasure and enthusiasm is due to the judgement and hard work of our librarian. She is also a very skilled ringmaster during our discussions!’